St. Mary’s Nursery and Primary School was started in the year 1931 at the request of Govt. officials. Many pupils who had entered and gone out of its portals are shining as good professionals in the society due to the foundation education received during their childhood. It is a feeder school for St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School. Where most of the primary students continue their education. Until 1984 both boys and girls were admitted. Later the boys section was suppressed, leaving the girls’ section continue. As St. Mary’s High School was upgraded into Higher Secondary in the year 1998, and the Primary English Medium had to find a new place. Henceforth in the year June 1999, the school got shifted to the new Building at the present site and continues its service with the motto “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY” The Young minds are prepared to be good and honest citizens of our country. They are given ample chances to exercise goodness and dedications in selfless service to all without distinction.